Film Entry Requirments :

i. Video should be produced and presented in video format. The original can be in any video format but the entry must be submitted in VHS, SVHS, Hi-8, V-8, DV. Film transferred onto videotape will not be accepted.

ii. should not exceed 20 minutes in length.

iii.Personal details should be provided in the submition.

iv.In the case of your works which is associated by commercial organization, the details of the group should be clearly stated in the submition. Acknowledgement of the organizers in your work is subjected to the consent of the them. Producer should ensure that the organizer will not interfere with the idea and production of your work; and the work should not be a promotional product.

v. All entrants are regarded as agreeing to abide by the regulations by entering their work(s) to our site.

vi. Unauthorized use of music excerpts or film/video segments is not encouraged. Any authorized use of music excerpts or film/video segments must be credited in the work. The entrants should responsible for any copyright violation fees imposed on the entries submitted to the i-fv.com. We will not be responsible for any infringement of copyright in the entries submitted by the entrants.

vii. All works are non-refundable.

viii. Our site reserves the right to disqualify any unsuitable entry.

ix. The right to decide all matters related to the film hosting, not expressively stated in these regulations, shall rest with our site.

x. All works will be shown within 2 weeks from the tape delivered. Entrants shall be obliged to comply with the agreement of screenings.

xi. Unless the entrant has already stated otherwise on work delivered, the organizer have the right to compile and submit preview tapes for selection and promotion.

遞交作品注意事項 :

i. 遞交之錄像作品須以錄像規格製作,用以拍攝之錄像規格不限,而遞交之作品則必須為VHS, SVHS, Hi-8, V8, DV。從菲林製作而成之錄像帶概不接受。

ii. 作品長度須不超過二十分鐘。

iii. 在提交錄像作品時,必需同時紀錄每位導演之個人資料。

iv. 若作品牽涉商業成份,須在遞交時清楚註明商戶之詳情;並要預先以書面徵求商戶同 意,方可在片中鳴謝商戶。創作者必須確保商戶不會干預其創作;作品亦不可帶有宣傳成份。

v. 任何人士一經提交作品,即作同意遵守本網站規則論。

vi. 本網站不鼓勵創作者擅自採別人之音樂、錄像或影片片段。如有任何獲授權採用之音樂、錄 像或影片片段者,須於遞交作品時註明。作品若有抵觸任何有關版權的法例,一切責任由遞交者承 擔,本網站概不負責。

vii. 一經遞交之作品拷貝, 本網站一慨不會發還。


ix. 本網站有權取消違例作品之播放權。

x. 遞交之作品將於遞交曰後兩星期內放映,任何人士對放映之安排不得異議。

xi. 除非創作者在遞交作品時聲明不同意,本網站有權將交來之作品送往其他各地電影節或影展作推廣 、宣傳、觀摩及評選之用。

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